Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

My daughter and my daughter's daughter came to visit us for Thanksgiving.  They live on the East coast, so we can't be there for every step of our granddaughter growing up and just really appreciate when they come for a visit.
It melted my heart to see her and to see my daughter in her role of being a "mommy".  I keep telling people (and I'm only half joking), I'm always surprised when I come home and my wife hasn't bolted to go visit them.
You know, I never wanted to be that person with kid pictures in their wallet taking up someone else's time with never ending mundane stories about what my child (or grandchild) did today (as if no child in all of history ever did the exact same thing).
Could be that's just how some people are wired.  We want to share the things that make us happy.
At least I'm putting the choice on the kind folks who follow my misadventures in social media.
But then, I've always shared some parts of my family life online and I think some people are interested in us.  There's a risk in that, but I take the chance and have faith that nothing bad will come of me showing some of the better parts of my life.
With everything negative that I see and experience as part of my job, it's always nice to have some few things go towards balancing it out.
I'm not sure where "feeding time" falls on the whole balance thing, because I'm not gonna lie, there are parts of dealing with an eight month old that have scarred me in ways that working in news never could.
All joking aside, it is the smile and the laughter that always hits home.
I miss her already and--  Hey, has anybody seen my wife?

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#167 Dad said...

Uplifting. Thank you, Mr. Frank.