Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More Protesting

Armenian Genocide Remembrance

Yeah, I changed the title of the post because it was the 1915 Armenian Genocide at the hands of the Turkish people that was being protested.
It was another day of walking with tripod and camera for several blocks.  Two things that I want to remember about this day:

First, I was so very happy they marched in a wide circular route.  We followed for a ways then turned around and waited for the protest to return to their starting point.  It could have been much worse for me.

Second, I keep telling protestors that they should occupy something.

Pfft. Nobody marches anymore.

Oh, and a third thing, the protest later that day was blown out of the newscast by a high speed chase.  I'm thinking they would have gotten way more coverage by painting their vehicles with slogans, filling up the tank and running from some cops.

Okay, not a good idea, but we're just brainstorming here.

Only in Hollywood. . .

. . .or Silverlake ( as the case may be).

I miss writing and as much as I enjoy any of my other diversions, writing has always been my first love.  Sorry, beer.

I say this because it's been a few days (okay, maybe weeks) since my last posting to the blog.  Kind of feel bad about that, in part because I am still humbled by the interest people take in the parts of my life I share on-line and in part because I know that the less I write, the less of a writer I become.

The pink Corvette belongs to Angelyne. Google her, if you don't recognize the name. I was having lunch with my buddy, Keith Boyd at the eatery named and proclaimed "Good" when she made an appearance.

My only camera was my phone and I could have snapped a picture of her self as we enjoyed the "Good" house beer and a better than "Good" appetizer platter.It wasn't the time for a photo.It seemed like it might have been bad manners to interrupt her meal, meeting or whatever it was that she was having (plus I've taken her picture before).

This was on Sunday and today (as I write this) is Tuesday.

(sigh)  I'm convinced a simpler life doesn't happen randomly. It must be by design and is possibly a prize to be fought over.I'll work on that, but now it's time to go to the real job. I hope for a "Good" story every day, but that's only because I like the food.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Could Be Worse

Dry, but not for long.

Winter is Coming.

Heart of the Games

Probably the biggest "cute" story making the rounds this week is the kid who built his own arcade out of cardboard boxes in his dad's auto shop.

Caine's Arcade was discovered by a young filmmaker who made a short documentary about Caine.

The story was so heartwarming that people shared the story and the there you have the latest internet viral video sensation.

I got to meet Caine today when we visited his arcade.Not a particularly difficult assignment, but the trick was trying to catch up with Caine.

Originally told we wouldn't be able to have a chance at an interview before 4pm (sorry, that's when we have to have on TV with the story), we drove out to the auto shop in the hopes we might at least be able to get a head start on the elements of a package.

Lucky us, we actually caught Caine, his dad and eventually the filmmaker at the auto shop.The were all meeting up to go for an interview with "E".

Boom! We shot our interviews, snagged a bit of b-roll, shot a stand up close and had the elements of our package in hand.

I should mention here that Caine and the filmmaker's efforts have netted Caine about $125,000.00 in donations towards a scholarship fund.

It could be that I'm jaded, but this might not have happened without him, so I really hope they kicked a few dollars towards the filmmaker.

Seems only fair to me.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Hooray for Hollywood

I live in Southern California. I grew up here. On the ocassional clear day in Los Angeles, you can see the Hollywood sign from places where I've lived.

Growing up and seeing the Hollywood sign in the distance seems like a pretty cool deal to me, but the reality is that I rarely thought about the Hollywood sign when I was growing up.

Still, it is iconic and on a recent assignment I actually got to see the sign up close.

Seems the land around the sign was up for sale and rather than let greedy developers get the land and turn it into evil luxury homes, a group of investors (led by Hugh Hefner) snapped it up and donated the land to a conservancy.

The land is now safe from development and the view from and to the Hollywood sign is going to remain free from distractions.

I can remember once or twice in my misspent youth having thought it would be a cool idea to drive up to the Hollywood sign and just look at it from up close.

It wasn't a great idea (I've had better), but it seemed cool at the time and this was back in the days when security was considerably less than what it is these days.

These days, they are way SERIOUS about security up there. Remote cameras, motion detectors, LAPD helicopters and bioengineered velociraptors.

Okay, that last item isn't really a thing, but the fact remains that security is pretty heavy up there.

My reporter and I were sent up to cover a press conference that announced the land deal. I gotta admit, I thought the idea of actually getting a chance to see the sign up close was cool.

Kind of a chance to cross off an item on the unfufilled dream list.

What wasn't so cool was the climb down the hill to the sign. The hill was steeper than I would have thought and the 330 pounds of gear I carry every day on flat land was, well, challenging to carry down the hill.

The only thing worse was the dang climb back up the hill from the sign.

Scary? Yeah, a little.

At no time that we were actually shooting around the sign did I feel like we were in a completely safe situation.

That's okay. My job isn't always supposed to be safe.

Some days the best I can say is that I didn't slip and fall a hundred feet off the side of a mountain.

I admit I'm setting the bar pretty low there, but it's all worth the bonus that I got to take in a nice view of the surrounding land from a place where most people never get a chance to see up close for themselves.

That (and not falling down the mountain) made it a pretty good news day for me.