Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good Effort.

Still photography is my primary hobby. It used to just be ONE of many many hobbies, but somehow the last few years have been mostly filled with trying to get better at taking pictures.

Don't ask me why, I don't have a good answer and I've stopped trying to analyze it. I enjoy photography, so I take pictures.

I'm really okay just leaving it at that.

It's a hobby that I make a pretty good sized money/time investment into.

There's the gear and there's booking models and I can rent studio time and organize my own shoots or I can participate in "group shoots".

On a group shoot I can be just as creative and artistic as if I were working alone.

The only difference is that I'm working with anywhere with could be five to forty (or more) other photographers. Yes, it can be crowded.

On a group shoot, it's kind of difficult to have shots that are unique. Sure everyone will generally have their own take on the subject.

There's lots of room to be creative in the camera settings, angles and framing for each shot, but the fact remains that other people will have shots that are very similar to mine.

I'm finding that it does me no good to swear off group shoots. As soon as I claim my last one really was my last one, I'll come across an announcement for a shoot in a place that interests me or with a model that I'd be interested in shooting.

That's how I found myself in Signal Hill last Saturday with about forty or fifty models, photographers and makeup artists.

We were all participating in a photography meetup and I was there even though I'd recently decided to stop attending group shoots.

Yes, I caved. I wanted to shoot in this location and there were a bakery's dozen models booked to be there.

I have a couple of other still photography shoots coming up in the next few weeks, but I believe every picture I take makes me a better photographer.

Every opportunity I have to take pictures helps put me further along on that road I'm traveling that leads to, well, hopefully somewhere.

You know, even if that road doesn't lead anywhere, I've said it before, I'm enjoying taking pictures and I'm happy to just be trying to get better at something I enjoy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2012 Pasadena Chalk Festival

I thought I might miss it again, but somehow I motivated myself to get out and drive to Pasadena to see the 2012 Chalk Festival.

Having missed it three years in a row for one reason or another, I was somewhat motivated to make it out this year.

Glad I did.

Art is nearly always cool.

Friday, June 15, 2012

LAX Courthouse: Murder Sentencing

Go Lakers. . .wait. . .

It was a long day yesterday. The Kings won the Stanley Cup and the city threw a parade in their honor.

Coverage of the big celebrations and parades that follow a major sporting win are always grueling. My day started at 2:30am and didn't end until 4:30pm.

That's why personally I'm always happy to see the home teams make it to the finals, but secretly kind of hope for a loss when it comes down to the championship.

I'm just being honest, it's because I'm beginning to hate covering the victory parades.

I suppose it's not too bad.

Depending on where I'm assigned, my day sometimes can be relatively pain free.

Being stationed out along the parade route in the middle of the crowds is usually a more difficult position (okay, cue the screaming fans). Running a microwave truck behind police barricades?

Much better.

Also an easier place to snap a few photos.

I'm not the biggest fan of hockey.

I just love being where history making events happen.

And I also love a good confetti canon.

(I mean, who doesn't love a confetti canon?)

So, if you add up all the things there were to like about being assigned to covering the parade. . .

. . .the lack of sleep and long hours are pretty minor considerations.

A lot of people went to work yesterday and did the same thing they've always done.

Me? I went to work and I got to witness a small part of history.

You could probably say, I also did what I've always done.

Go somewhere and see something very cool that most folks only get to see on TV.

That's my life as a news photographer.

I guess pretty much worth it to every now and then wake up early.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane. . .

I don't know how much sleep the President got, but I had to be out at LAX about three hours before him.

Just another day at the office for us news folks. A couple of security sweeps, a simple hand wanding and one more good sniff from the bad guy detecting K-9.

(I will be blowing up my shot of Air Force One.)

Nothing unusual happened.  For what it was, this was about as routine an assignment as it gets.

The one thing that stands out in my mind actually happened later in the day.

I posted a few of my pictures on Facebook (like I normally do).

A friend of a friend (not a real friend, a Facebook Friend of a real friend) made some negative comments on the picture that pretty much showed how he feels about our President.

Nothing constructive.  Just expressing his political views.

I didn't know the guy, but hey, it is a free country.

I deleted the comment.  I deleted his follow-up comment.

I respect political viewpoints and opinions that are not my own, but I thought it was rather rude to express those views to me as part of a political debate which I wasn't trying to engage.

The photo was that cool front facing shot of Air Force One (see the first shot above).

If you want to express opinions on my photography or writing, I welcome the comments (it does get quiet in here at times).

If you want to make jokes that support your point of view, you might want to introduce yourself or find a forum that's made for open expression.  The things I post on Facebook are not a part of the democracy or your freedom.

It's my world.  It's what I experience.  Not that I expect it to interest anyone else, but it's for the parts of my life that I voluntarily choose to share.

I'm polite and I expect the same.

I'm not your soapbox.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Air Force One Distant


Just the pictures. No time to put very many words to these shots, but you shouldn't need much in the way of play by play.

President Obama arrived at LAX. We were there and covered his arrival live.

I need to get some sleep, because tomorrow I get to do it all again when he leaves.

That's my life and I actually kind of dig it.