Thursday, August 30, 2012


I ache from head to toe. I've been working like twenty hours days all week and I'm worn out. Every now and then I'll say something funny just to keep my energy level up, but I'm all out of jokes.
I'm sitting in a quiet corner of a skybox in the Tampa Forum. There's a few minutes between live shots and I want to share pictures and tell you what's going on behind the scenes.
It's an amazing experience, but I can't even begin to really process anything. We're hitting the ground running early every day and just trying not to drop the ball in getting on TV.
By the way, I started this post a couple of days ago, but this is as far as I've gotten in writing it up.
Most of communication with the internet world has been through Instagram.
I really want to try and tell a story, but it seems like I'll never get anything posted if I don't just cut it short.
Dave Bryan and I are doing fine. The hours are long and the work is difficult.
There's nothing to be done.  (added - By the way, this was Dave and myself on most nights.  When everyone else was done for the day, we were the last crews in the work center, doing prep for the next day and the next day sometimes started in a couple of hours.) 
We'll just keep working and try not to think about it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Check It Out.

Doing live shots from the skybox at the 2012 RNC at like 1:00 in the morning.
Check out all the workers.
I heard a rumor that Romney wants the stage adjusted so he can walk further into the audience.
That's kind of cool that I'm here to know that.
Even if it's just a rumor.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

No Good Deed

My workflow for posting to my blog has gone through tons of major changes over the years. I often get a system in place, but then software changes force me to adapt or abandon one way of getting things done and search for something new.

I'm currently using my iPad and an app called "Blogsy" for posting. It's not the best solution, it's just what currently works for me.

My biggest problem right now is that I can format the picture elements pretty easily, but I still have to find the waking moments to write the words that go along with the pictures.

I end up with a lot of drafts with pictures that get shared late (or never) and I'm sharing this because I want to explain why I'm posting material from months ago.

Now my biggest problem is remembering the details. . .

I'm not sure how my reporter and I ended up in Anahiem. The story was about a boxing coach being accused of molesting his underage fighters.
The coach has been in prison before, but had seemingly turned his life around and was giving back to the community by coaching youth boxing at a local gym.
We managed to find and talk to friends of the coach who were very open in their praise of the man and shared the belief that the charges were being brought because a young fighter's mother believed her son deserved more of the coach's attention.
She brought her son to another coach who, we were told, did not do as good of a job training the kid.
We talked to a lot of people who from the neighborhood who didn't believe the coach would ever molest anyone.
The local police pursued the case because they believe there was enough evidence to not only make an arrest, but support a conviction.
At some point I hope I find out how this case played out. I'm glad I don't have to decide if the coach is guilty or innocent. My job is to present the story to the best of my ability.
I think we did the best we could that day. We cut a piece, did a liveshot, packed up the gear and went home.
As with many of the stories I cover, I know somebody knows the truth.
I really wish it were me.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sparkling Premier

I'm waaaay to tired to write nything that might resemble a coherent thought, but I really wanted to share some pictures from the "Sparkle" movie premier at the Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

It's been a while since I covered a celebrity event and I was happy that quite a few stars showed up for the premier.

Lead actress Jordin Sparks was there and I got all the shots I was supposed to get, but honestly I was a little more interested in the celebs that I'm more familiar with.  Like. . .

. . .Smokey Robinson. . .

. . .Cicely Tyson. . .

. . .Glynn Turman. . .

. . .and Loretta Devine.

Yeah, I'm from a different generation.

I met and interviewed some of the younger stars from the movie, but I'm not the best at recognizing celebrities.  I'm lucky if I can remember their names

It's just nice to see the current generation of stars and think how cool it might be to show pictures and remember them from when they were starting out.

(Okay, I do know that this is Mike Epps) It'll be even cooler when they've been around long enough that I might be able to remember who they are.

In the meantime, I'm just hoping I got everybody's name right.

Good time tonight.  Nobody stopped me from snapping a few still shots and all the celebs came by to talk to us.

Plus, I got a blog post up.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Mackie & Son

Plane Crash

The Three of Us

I think everybody had a blast last night at the gallery show in North Hollywood. There's nothing quite like seeing my photographs framed and hanging up with people admiring and saying nice things about them.

My contribution to the show were ten 13x19 framed prints. Nine of them were single images and one was a collage from my "Jumping News People" series.

Friends, family and quite a few people who I didn't know were at the show.

I brought a couple cases of beer. I've always thought art and beer go well together.

Kind of strange for me, I was interviewed by people recording video of the show.   Always a slightly disconcerting experience to be on the business end of the lens.

I'm nearly sure I came across as a grinning idiot, but hopefully they can salvage something useable in editing.

A lot of my friends wanted to find out how this fit into my recent declarations of giving up my photography career in favor of writing.

On the way to the show, my lovely wife and I happened to stop for a quick bite at "The Habit" (a burger franchise that's been expanding into the SoCal not quite so fast food territories). I was wearing a short sleeved Jamaica Jaxx Hawaiian print shirt. My favorite Jamaica Jaxx Hawaiian print shirt.

Somehow while wolfing down a much better than expected burger, I popped a button off my shirt. It wasn't a result of gluttony, the button caught on the edge of the table when I was getting up to snag some ketchup for our sweet potato fries.  It actually made a really cool ricochet sound as it bounced off the window and landed on the table behind me.

Anyway, that was a bummer. One minute I'm enjoying a meal reminiscent of high school days long past (but way better, because sweet potato fries hadn't been invented when I was in high school), then I'm worrying how noticeable my wardrobe malfunction would be to the art gallery crowd.  Still channeling my high school self, so I'll admit the feeling was eerily like developing a nice pimple on the day of the homecoming dance.

My lovely wife (veggie burger and half of a "shared" strawberry milkshake) offered to sew the button back on (God bless wives who sew), but if "we" were going to do that, "we" needed needle and thread.

No problem. There happened to be CVS Pharmacy next door and I believe I'd heard a rumor once that you could purchase a needle and thread at a pharmacy.  I mean, I'm a guy, how would I know?

I reluctantly get up to leave. My half of the strawberry milkshake still on the table and my wife's smiling unspoken assurance that she loves me, but that milkshake sure as hell wasn't gonna be there when I got back.

I exit "The Habit" and started walking towards the CVS. It had been a scorching hot summer day, but the sun was now low in the sky and it was starting to feel nice out.

Between the CVS and "The Habit" were a couple of small businesses.  Interestingly enough, a laundromat and a dry cleaners.

Through the window of the dry cleaners, I could see a sewing machine off to the side of the counter. They do alterations. I walk into the shop to inquire about some alterations to my Jamaica Jaxx Hawaiian print shirt.

The middle aged Asian lady working the counter, didn't smile as I explained my situation. I turned on the charm. I think she smiled less (if that's possible).

"Two dollars. Cash," was all she said to me.

Done.I took off the shirt. Underneath I had on a brand new black t-shirt and trust me, I'd already considered just wearing that without the shirt. Dellis was wearing a matching Hawaiian print blouse and I didn't want to mess up our coordination.

It took the unsmiling Asian lady less than a minute to sew the button back on. That was kind of amazing. Heck, I wanted to pop another button off to see her do it again. It didn't seem wise to push my luck.

My Jamaica Jaxx Hawaiian print shirt was good as new and the unsmiling Asian lady had my two dollars and my thanks as she ushered me out the door back into the late afternoon sunshine and locked the door behind me.

I happily buttoned my Jamaica Jaxx Hawaiian print shirt and casually wondered if she thought I was going to rob the place, but the sun felt good and all was right with the world again.

So, how do I explain that I want to write and take pictures?

I passionately love both still photography and writing. If they were women, I'd have to be honest and admit, as much as I can, I think I really would like to pursue them both.

Just between us though, it might not be fair, but I'll never really stop doing either.

The gallery is located at 5126 Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood.  "The Art of News" runs until September 9th and the gallery web site is if you need more information like their hours and stuff.

Monday, August 06, 2012

More Gay Chicken

If all you wanted was a chicken sandwich on Friday, then you were out of luck at the Hollywood Chick-fil-A location.

Sure, it was possible to have a chicken sandwich or anything else on the menu, but you were absolutely getting a side of protest to go along with that.

I was just heading into work, but never even made it to the station when I got the call to go directly to Chick-fil-A because a "kiss-in" protest was being held.

We had a reporter and another photographer already at the location and they needed help.

It kind of sounded ominous. Well, not the kissing part, but the whole protest thing.

Thankfully, it wasn't anything like the recent protests in Anaheim. The crowd at Chick-fil-A though heated and provoked at times, behaved themselves quite reasonably throughout the afternoon.

It's not like I expect the world to change overnight, but it seems pretty obvious that homosexuality isn't going anywhere.

Unfortunately, judging by the response from the "Support Chick-fil-A" day that had happened earlier in the week, the number of people who are willing to go out of their way to support an anti-homosexuality agenda seems every bit as determined.

With all the issues facing society in this country, and heck, the world, it puzzles me as to why educated people would choose to be intolerant of anything, let alone this.

Heck, I could understand being intolerant of serial killers.  There's no two sides to that debate.

I'm not talking about promoting, liking or even having an opinion of one way or another.
I'm just saying, this shouldn't matter. . .

. . .and yet, here is where I was.

So, at least twice last week a lot of people spent their time to protest one side or another because a rich and powerful man decided to state publicly a part of his religious beliefs.

I'm not interested in the debate. The world and my spiritual faith simply would never be so fragile.

Just my opinion, but I think hatred and intolerance do more to spoil society than any same sex relationship ever did.

With bills to pay, my family and generally all the twenty thousand things I need to get done every day, I'm way too busy to care one way or another what anyone else is doing or who they're doing it with.

Today is Monday. I'm leaving for work soon and I hope there's something new to cover.

Hmm, I kind of feel like now a lot of you aren't really paying attention.

You're just looking at that last picture aren't you?