Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Wonderful Dangerous World

I think it's safe to say, that for a few days the horror of the bombing in Boston gripped the entire country (shucks, that might even be understating it).  My middle daughter and her family lives just a couple of blocks away from where the bombings happened.  Luckily she, my granddaughter and my son-in-law were all away from the area at the time.

She and her family are fine.  Me?  Yeah, I'm still a little freaked out by the proximity.


As I was digging through photos I'd snapped in the last couple of weeks, I came across these from an officer involved shooting in the City of Lynwood.


From what I remember of the assignment, a Sheriff's Deputy (or Deputies) killed a suspect.


Sorry if my recollection is a bit thin of details, but that's what I'm chewing on right now.


A big part of my job involves me covering the end of someone's life.  Sometimes it's a good guy and some times it's a bad guy.  Often it's just someone who happened to be somewhere that ended as the wrong place to be.

It doesn't happen every day that I'm on an assignment that involves death and some days I'm just fortunate enough to not draw that particular straw.


So some days are easier than others.  I'm sure the people around me have heard me warn them enough to be long tired of my cautionary tales.


People are hurt or killed every day.  Some days hit closer to home than others, but it is all a part of the world we live in.


You can crawl up and hide from the world or you can live in it and hope and pray the worst of what can happen, doesn't happen to you (or yours).

Maybe I'm thinking about it right now because of the bombing in Boston.  Maybe it's just the melancholy gray I see out my window.  It could be because of the death I covered and yet recall nearly none of the details.

I just know what I know.

It's not a safe world outside, but there's too much awesome in it to pass up any (every) chance to enjoy it.

The weekend is coming.  Have fun.  For gosh sakes, watch your back.


Paul Skolnick said...

This might be the BEST that Lynwood has looked in a long, long time.

D. Frank said...

Thanks for sharing those thought. Sometimes it's easy to forget the kind of things that surround you at work because you don't bring it home. You come home still full of love, hope and a gentle spirit. I love you for that. And just know if you need to unburden yourself ill always be here with open arms and heart.

Bryan Frank said...

Paul - Heck, the old neighborhood is sporting a brand new park and hardly any murders. I'll never forgive the Rosecrans Drive-In for going out of business, but I'll agree that the community is looking pretty spiffy.

D. Frank - Meeting me at the door with a smile and a cold beer always improves my outlook on life.