Saturday, May 18, 2013

Prom News

Life moves forward. You can't stop it and, well, I can't either.

It doesn't really bother me.

I have a pretty great time ignoring the changes in myself and in everything around me. I suppose I'm lucky in that I'm holding up well enough to be able to live nearly the same as I've done for a number of years.

My youngest nephew, Kyle Frank, attended his senior prom recently. He asked me to snap a few pictures and I took off from work just so I could oblige.


Maybe I'm supposed to feel some kind of way to see a young man who was born so many years after I attended my senior prom, to attend his senior prom.

Maybe I should, but I don't really.


You know I'm not one for metaphysics and I'm not sure if I even care to understand how the universe works.

I'm just glad that it does and I'm glad I get to "live in the moment".


We cover a lot of news and I've been a witness to some pretty big events.

It's humbling experience sometimes.  To be fair it's also boring sometimes and sometimes it just feels stupid.


I've always know that the smaller moments that aren't worth putting in a newscast are also important.  If not to many, then at least to a few.


Who will remember the fires and the high speed chases?  I've covered dozens and they're pretty much all the same to me.  Maybe a detail here and there might stand out, but the emotional connection that are going to be associated with the memories of this prom I expect will strike a chord somewhere down the line.

(This moment in time makes for a pretty nifty memory.)


Looking at the photos now, I kind of wish I did have my news camera with me and we were covering the story (with a live shot) for the 8pm newscast.

Wait.  That's just silly.


The 8pm producer hardly ever asks for a live shot.


If you went to your senior prom, I hope seeing these pictures help you remember what's really important.  I'm not telling you what that is.  You'll need to figure that out for yourself.

Thanks for indulging me here. 


cyndy green said...

Frank...thank you for this. I never went to prom but enjoy the justapositioning of real life with the one night fantasy that is prom...a time of dreams and hope. You did good by taking the day off...and making your nephew's day (what a cutie).

Bryan Frank said...

Thanks Cyndy. I'm always trying to remember what's important and sometimes it's easier than others.

Time spent capturing a once in a lifetime event for family is(was) an easy call.

Paul Skolnick said...

This is an incredible set of photos,BeFrank, and I hope for Kyle, it's an incredible set of memories as well.

The juxtaposition of what's news and what's important is perfect framing. I'd say it was well worth a day off.