Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ha-Ha! Take That, Nature!

I'm okay at building things.  Not great, but I can usually do a pretty good job.  I dug the pond myself and built the deck and bridge with some help from family and friends.

Sometimes it's a great place to hang out and read or to just have a beer.


The never ending struggle to keep the pond looking like the fish habitat it's supposed to be and less like a Florida swamp took a turn in my favor.

A few months back, the water had gone all murky.  What you're seeing now is a huge difference from what it was.


About a week ago, I was ready to drain the pond and start over from square one, but then I noticed about a dozen smaller goldfish swimming around.

Looks like while the water made things a bit more private, the goldfish were having a swinging good time.


So, rather than drain, clean, rinse and repeat, I shopped around and bought a new bigger better filter.


It's the size of a trunk, but it's been cleaning the water like nobody's business.  I still need to add the UV filter back into the system, but for right now, the water is clear.

The fish at least seem ok with the lack of privacy.


Having the waterfall instead of a center fountain simplifies the system quite a bit.  Some fresh barley straw will help with the carpet of algae that covers the pond liner.

I'll also be adding water plants back into the system.  Man, I tell you, it's just all kinds of nice to see this particular battle in my war against nature actually going my way.


Who knows, I might even be able to enjoy a beer or two out on the deck before the summer is over.

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