Monday, July 08, 2013

Second San Francisco Day

The first day covering the Asiana crash was difficult. It didn't get any easier the second day.

We spent the first half of the day at San Francisco General, waiting for updates and hoping to interview passengers that were on the flight.

That particular needle in a haystack is never fun. The possibility is pretty strong that we might not come across anyone from the flight, maybe not even a friend or relative.

Still, we do what we can.

We were there for a briefing from the hospital on the condition of the passengers.

It's still amazing to me that more people weren't injured worse. It's sad that two young girls died (and others face paralysis), but sometimes airplanes crash and all on board are lost.

I think everyone is glad it wasn't worse, but that's probably not much comfort to the passengers affected the most severely.

We gathered information and even came across a passenger. The swarm around her wasn't too bad, but there was a swarm.

Having gotten a passenger, we were able to leave the hospital and return to the parking lot where many media outlets were doing their live shots.

I had to zoom pretty far to see the wreckage, but it's there on the runway across the bay.

We edited in the back of our rental SUV.

It's pretty cramped working in anything smaller than a full sized SUV.

We didn't have a full size SUV.

The day ended with no problems on our end. We got our jobs done.

There's still a part of me that wishes we could go back and redo the day because of technical problems we couldn't do anything about.

Maybe we could warn the station or something.

Of course, as long as we're going back in time, maybe we could make the whole trip unnecessary.

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