Thursday, October 31, 2013

Necessary Distractions

I'm not sure how other people manage to balance out the things they want to do with the things they need to do.

I know my life is a juggling act that seems to occupy an almost equal amount of satisfaction and regret.

There are periods of time in which I feel the balance is better and the trade off is worthwhile.

I managed to get our living room very nearly done in the last month.

I managed to write and photograph very little.

As happy as I am with the way my living room turned out, my heart actually breaks a little as I consider the time I've lost from creating.

There is the feeling that my lovely wife and I have created a living space for ourselves that will give us great comfort and provide an environment in which we can realize our artistic ambitions.

As I write this, I'm weighing the merits of focusing on my artistic expression for a while.  I'm okay with the conflicted feelings I get when trying to balance and juggle.  I'm not okay with simply talking about what I'd like to do.

At some point it just becomes whining.

My intent is to accomplish great things. Right now, it's figuratively and literally time to go to work.

Have a great day. I plan to be very busy this weekend.


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#167 Dad said...

I wise man once blessed me with these words: you need to sit down and write your ass off. If you stand up, look back and still see an ass, sit down and get back to writing.